Top Benefits of Tally Course

Top 10 Benefits of Tally Course | Best Guide

Every business establishment has an inflow and outflow of cash. These incomes and expenditures require to be recorded and tabulated in a systematic manner. Tally is one such software that allows companies and businesses to methodically record cash flow transactions which helps to determine the overall business performance. 

Introduction to Tally

A tally is a popular software used by small, medium and large companies to track cash flow in the business. The word Tally is an acronym for “Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yard.” 

The tally software was first developed by Tally Solutions, a multinational company headquartered in Bangalore and co-founded by Shyam Sunder Goenka and Bharat Goenka in 1986. The software aims at managing books of accounts for every business.

What is Tally software used for?

One of the reasons why Tally software is used is to ease the tedious and laborious process of managing the inflow and outflow of cash in a business. With daily cash transactions, companies find it difficult to keep a record of these statements. 

Often, companies would find errors in the recordings which would lead to inaccurate calculations. These incorrect cash statements have an adverse effect on other accounting computations in the companies such as profits, losses and taxes among other estimations. 

Here lies the importance of Tally software. Students employed in the accounting section of companies can benefit greatly by learning the Tally course as employers stress the need for Tally software knowledge in the accounting department of companies.

Tally Course

The Tally course is not an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course. The Course is a certificate of diploma level course that is available as online as well as offline classes. Students often ask how many days it takes to learn Tally? While the certification course is only around 2 to 4 months, the Diploma course duration ranges from 1 to 2 years. 

Students who have appeared for the 12th board examinations can appear for the certificate or diploma Tally course. 

The courses are available in various colleges or coaching centres at a nominal fee ranging from Rs 3000/- to Rs 10000/- Students who have completed the Tally certification or Diploma course are more likely to be absorbed by multinational companies, public service utilities, Banks and other companies. 

Top 10 Benefits of Tally Course

1. Greater Job Prospects

One of the benefits of pursuing a Tally course is that students who complete the certification or Diploma in Tally can apply in almost all companies in the country and abroad. Top Multinational companies, banks, private companies, public utilities and other small/ medium companies are some of the top recruiters of Tally employees. 

2. Greater choice in the range of jobs

As every business establishment has inflow and outflow of cash, Tally has been rendered an integral part of the accounting division of every company. Businesses and Companies use Tally software for the management of their books of accounts. 

Students who have completed Tally will therefore be an asset to the company. So, one of the Tally computer course benefits is that it allows students to choose a job from the range of offers that come their way. Tally students can choose a job that best fits their interests. 

3. Convenience of learning

The Tally course is available as an online as well as an offline course. This gives students the choice to attend classes in person or from the comfort of their home. Students can take up this course as an upskill course even while working in a day job or studying full time in a college. The Tally course is a convenient and beneficial course for students. 

4. Enhanced accounting knowledge

Tally software is a unique and comprehensive software that covers various aspects of bookkeeping. One of the benefits of learning Tally is that it will open a whole new world of accounting knowledge. 

5. Easy to learn and use

Tally software is a simple and easy to use the software. The uncomplicated nature of the software coupled with the numerous benefits of Tally software is what attracts thousands of students to the course. 

6. Robust software

The Tally software is highly versatile and high speed operating software. When compared to other similar software, Tally is more popular because of its ease in handling and adaptable features. 

The Tally software covers various aspects of accounting including stock evaluation, taxation, accounts management and invoicing. Students learning Tally software will be introduced to a wide range of accounting features and will benefit greatly from learning Tally. 

7. Bonus for accounting and commerce students

Students who have pursued courses in accounts or commerce will benefit from the Tally course because of its use in small, medium and large companies. Commerce graduates can pursue the Tally course to upgrade their skills. 

8. Error free bookkeeping

Every company requires to maintain books of accounts for various purposes. Companies that depend solely on human intelligence for bookkeeping are more likely to see erroneous accounting entries. However, 

Tally software can rid the company of these minute errors and maintain accurate book accounts. Error free bookkeeping is one of the greatest advantages of Tally software

9. International market

One of the advantages of learning Tally is that there is great demand for it in India and abroad. Internationally, Tally is a recognized software that is used in several multinational companies. Therefore, students who are familiar with Tally have a greater chance of pursuing careers abroad. 

10. High salary

Students who have completed a Tally course can expect high salaries in India. The average salary of a Tally employee in India is more than Rs 9,26,000 per annum.


Tally software is one of the most popular accounting software. The latest version Tally.ERP 9 has added features like post dated cheque management inter branch data synchronization. 

It is one of the most trusted accounting software which has been in use for more than 35 years. Learning Tally from Sharada Academy of Professional Studies, one of the top teaching Tally Course in Mangalore can prove to be one of the best professional decisions for students. 

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